Why marketing will rule the world?

  1. Product: What are you going to sell? A doll? A luxury car? A Handmade soap? Whatever it maybe you should know how to present it. Marketers should be familiar with all the features and specs of the products that they are going to market.
  2. Place: Your product should be reachable to your customers. Now, when all the things are buyable online, you should think. Are your products available online? Or do your customers need to buy it from a nearby shop? All these should be considered before starting to market a product. Marketing the right product at the right place at the right time for the right cost to the right audience.
  3. Price: Before fixing the cost for your product you will need to do some research. Always do a market analysis for the prices of similar products by your competitors which will make us understand how much consumers are willing to pay.
  4. Promotion: These days there are multiple channels to do marketing and running promotions. From newspaper ads to radio ads to social media banner ads you will need to decide which are right for your brand.
Selecting the right Niche




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Krishnapriya Nikhil

Krishnapriya Nikhil

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